About Eric Guerra

Eric Guerra and Friends


Sacramento provided me with the opportunity to succeed. Through continued growth and prosperity, we can make sure future generations of young people and people of color continue to enjoy those same opportunities.


We need to bring in new businesses and more jobs, while protecting the unique quality and special needs of our diverse neighborhoods. This requires a balanced approach to quality of life and regulatory issues.

I will be a champion for District 6 neighborhoods, fighting for our fair share of city resources and ensuring that the prosperity of downtown flows into our parks, pools, community centers, and business corridors.


Please support me with your help, and your vote, on March 3rd!



My family and I grew up as farmworkers with few options of upward mobility or a defined path to citizenship. It was my move to the City of Sacramento to attend Sacramento State that gave me the opportunity to succeed and gain my citizenship. After working my way through Sac State as a janitor and graduating with a Degree in Engineering, I was able to find a good job, buy a home, and help my family move up.

I ran for City Council in 2015 to ensure that the residents of Sacramento have the same opportunities to succeed that I was afforded when I moved here. Since being elected in April of 2015, I’ve worked hard to deliver for our neighborhoods and residents of Sacramento. I have worked to represent and fight for the most vulnerable members of our city and to practice our values of justice, equality, and equity so that every person can pursue their dreams and control their own destiny.


Eric’s Activism Started at Sac State

The lessons Eric learned from his parents – about the importance of hard work and education as a way to a better life – drove him. He enrolled at Sacramento State University, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a Master’s in Public Policy and Administration. Eric also met his wife, Christina, in the Master’s program at Sac State.

While at Sac State, Eric advocated for the community during the inception of the 65th Street Transit Village Plan to direct redevelopment funds into community improvements. He also met with then-City Councilmembers Dave Jones and Steve Cohn to address the issues of blight and improved pedestrian and bicycle paths in the region. Eric’s efforts to improve the neighborhood were highlighted in a 2003 Sacramento Bee article.

Neighborhood Association President

Eric and his wife are proud homeowners in Tahoe Park. Concerned about his community, he got involved in his neighborhood and was elected president of the Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association. He led the community effort to stop the closure of the neighborhood pool after the City chose to focus fundraising efforts to support pools in the wealthier parts of the city. As president, Eric also advocated against the closure of local elementary schools and was successful in keeping them open. During his term as president, he also spearheaded yearly volunteer park clean-ups, raised thousands of dollars for college scholarships for district high school students, and helped grow the neighborhood garden.

Eric continues to remain involved in the neighborhood association, actively advocating to the city council for bicycle and pedestrian improvements and strongly supporting local measures to fund police, parks, pools, and libraries.

Chairman of the County Planning Commission

Eric knows that smart regional planning is essential to ensure a vibrant community. He has served on the Sacramento County Planning Commission for over four years and was recently elected by his fellow commissioners to his second term as Chairman for the Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.

As a commissioner, Eric has provided balanced leadership, supporting local businesses, while providing environmental stewardship of our neighborhoods, rivers and open space. As part of these efforts, Eric shut down illegal miners digging into the Cosumnes River and worked with American River advocates to find a productive solution to protecting homes and preserving the American River levees.

CSU Trustee

Eric understands that community advancement only occurs with a strong economy and a strong economy needs a strong workforce. Governor Gray Davis appointed Eric as a Trustee to the California State University System Board of Trustees. As a Trustee, Eric advocated for students and faculty and fought for better funding for the CSU System.

Eric and his wife, Christina, live in Tahoe Park with their dog, Jake. They can often be found walking their dog, riding their bikes along the river, or buying local produce at the Farmers Market.