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Focused on providing more resources and services to working families and improving our neighborhoods.

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About Eric Guerra

My family and I grew up as farmworkers with few options of upward mobility or a defined path to citizenship. It was my move to the City of Sacramento to attend Sacramento State that gave me the opportunity to succeed and gain my citizenship. After working my way through Sac State as a janitor and graduating with a Degree in Engineering, I was able to find a good job, buy a home, and help my family move up.

I ran for City Council in 2015 to ensure that the residents of Sacramento have the same opportunities to succeed that I was afforded when I moved here. Since being elected in April of 2015, I’ve worked hard to deliver for our neighborhoods and residents of Sacramento. I have worked to represent and fight for the most vulnerable members of our city and to practice our values of justice, equality, and equity so that every person can pursue their dreams and control their own destiny.

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Eric Guerra

“My first vote was to save our city-sponsored after-school programs. I have worked everyday since to deliver more resources and services to our most vulnerable – children, seniors, and families.”

I'm Running for City Council to Serve You.

Serving you from day one

I voted to save 4th R and START, city-sponsored after‐school programs offering thousands of kids expanded learning opportunities and support working families. I prioritized homelessness by investing in Saint John’s Women’s Shelter, allowing Saint John’s to expand their innovative job training, housing, and other life changing services for homeless women and children.

Champion of Sacramento District 6

I’ve worked with neighbors to improve our parks by revitalizing College Glen baseball fields and completing University Dog Park; making Sacramento more bike and pedestrian-friendly; hiring a Childcare Manager to focus on early learning and childcare; partnering with our manufacturers and small businesses to deliver new local job opportunities, and passing legislation to deliver new protections to renters and ending rent gouging.